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Luke Sawyer

“There are few more impactful roles than a coach and few more impactful years than time in college.

Baseball Chapel,

Tampa Bay Rays Chaplain



Seeking College Baseball - Shepherd Coach

Are you looking to impact the next generation through college baseball?


Turn2 Ministries is seeking followers of Jesus Christ, who love the game and desire to use it to further His Kingdom.


This is For Someone Who: 


-Is a follower of Jesus Christ

-Has a strong calling to ministry

-Has endorsements from others who have seen or experienced your call to ministry

-Is passionate about mentoring college baseball players

-Ready and able to share the Gospel 


This is Not for Someone Who: 


  • Is focused only on baseball:  While we need shepherd coaches who love the game and can bring value to the program you serve, the primary focus of this role is relational. We want men who are passionate about discipleship and the spiritual development of those they lead.


  • Is white-collar: This role will include early mornings, late nights, long road trips, and inconvenient interruptions.  This team will be your second family, and family is messy and inconvenient, but nothing is more important. 


  • Is not relatable: This role needs someone who will thrive working with college students. You must have street credentials and real-life experiences. This is why we require that all of our coaches have played either college or professional baseball.

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“I was so fortunate to be surrounded by a fantastic coaching staff during each of my four years at Goshen College. Top to bottom; these coaches cared about me as a person. One of the most significant impacts was made by our Shepherd Coach, Casey Cavell. He was always there to talk to, and you could count on him to be there for you in a time of need. Being around him and the positive energy that he brought was genuinely inspirational. I am so thankful for all the life lessons that he taught. I learned about relationships, self-control, leadership, teamwork, and in my eyes, the most important thing: having a relationship with God. God is in control, and even though there are ups and downs in life, we can always depend on Him to be there for us and always have him in our hearts. He is the reason that we are all so blessed, and we should worship Him for it.” - Jesse Quintanilla, Goshen College, class of 2016

Our coaches must S.T.A.N.D. for our core values:


  • Steward Well: Time, Money & Resources

  • Transparent in Our Relationships

  • Achieve Excellence in Every Aspect of Ministry 

  • Nurture all Legacies

  • Diligent in Our Practices

“When I learned about Turn2 Ministries, I could only think ’what if…’ What if something like this was around when I was a player? When I think about my college years, our team didn’t have anyone hold us accountable in our walk with Christ, and as a result, we were easily tossed around by the waves. Turn2 Ministries is a much-needed resource for every college baseball program that cares for the health and well-being of their players.” - Will Mackensize, Stetson University

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